Keep Calm Wallpaper Downloads

Download wallpaper for your computer, tablet or smartphone.

We've created backgrounds in a variety of resolutions to match the most popular screen sizes.

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How To Download Wallpaper

  1. Determine your screen size. If you don't know your screen size, just visit and this web service will detect and display it for you.
  2. Then click on the link below that most closely matches your screen size:
  3. Then save the file to your computer:
  • Windows users should right click on the link and choose save the file.
  • Mac users should should click on the link while pressing the Control key and then choose save file from the menu.
Wallpaper/Background Sizes:

Once downloaded, install the file as your new background or wallpaper. The procedure varies but here are some links to resources if you need help:
Apple iPhone & iPad Users

There is a known issue with Apple's iOS 7 that makes installing custom wallpaper on Apple mobile devices a pain in the neck. Wallpaper will install at the wrong size and attempting to re-size, or re-position it, does not work. We are providing a link to a site with a potential fix for this issue. This may or may not work for you. iOS 7 Wallpaper Fix.