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Traditional Poultry Nipples 10 Pack
Traditional Poultry Nipples 10 Pack

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    Poultry Nipple 10 Pack For DIY Waterer Projects

    • Ten (10) traditional, vertically-installed, poultry nipples for Do-It-Yourself waterer Projects.
    • Please note these do not fit on the current version of the BriteTap chicken waterer.


    • Made of sturdy Polyacetal thermoplastic and stainless steel.
    • Poultry nipples disassemble for easy cleaning and removal of mineral build up.


    • Drill a hole using a 23/64" (9mm) drill bit.
    • Screw nipple into hole.
    • If installing into PVC pipe, an optional step that improves the fit of the poultry nipple is to tap the hole using a standard 1/8" - 27 threads per inch NPT (National Pipe Thread) tap. To do this, drill a 11/32" pilot hole and then tap to create the threads.
      • Wrap the threads on the top of the poultry nipple with 2-3 turns of plumbers tape (Also called Teflon tape). This is sold in hardware and plumbing supply stores.
      • Insert the poultry nipple into the hole and tighten using your hand or a wrench.

    Poultry Nipple Usage

    • Install poultry nipple on low-pressure tank fed systems. Do not attach directly to high-pressure main water supply lines or garden hoses.
    • Use one poultry nipple for every 8 birds in your flock. Use a minimum of two nipples regardless of flock size to provide a back up if one poultry nipple should clog.
    • You do not need nuts to fasten poultry nipples to your water supply tank.
    • Poultry nipples can be use for baby chicks, chickens, ducks, guineas and other small fowl.

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